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Character Information
Name: Theodore Nott
Played By (Name and link to photo): Jensen Ackles
Relationship Status: Single, but not really looking. He's more of a loner, but he wouldn't be opposed to company
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual I suppose. Again, he wouldn't be opposed to company, and company is company to him. As long as its pureblood.
Character History (Please be as detailed as you would like, but we hope that you focus specifically on what your character has been doing during the four years after the Battle of Hogwarts. We'd like if you included things such as profession, living arrangements (where/with whom?), etc.: For a brief background, Theo's mother died when he was a young boy, and he was raised by his father. He was able to see Thestrals, hinting that he saw his mothers death in the past. His father is a well known deatheater, and Theodore has every intention on following in his fathers footsteps. It was obvious what side Theo was on during the battle of Hogwarts, and after the shameful loss he was forced to go into hiding like the rest of the deatheaters and their families. After about two years, Theo got sick of living with his overbearing father, and he decided that he would do better off on his own, despite being in a world that frowned upon those with marks on their arms. There was always an underground market for the TRUE wizards... the purebloods, and thats where he knew he belonged.

Theo opened his own shop, selling mostly wands in the front, and more...interesting merchandise in the back. Dark materials were his main focus, along with ingredients used only in dark magic. Despite his young age, Theo was left to fend for himself for a large portion of his childhood, and matured quickly. He had a surprisingly sharp business mind; sharp enough to keep his little shop open and even enough to make it thrive in a world where dark magic was no longer what it used to be. He hadn't spoken to his father in years... despite the fact that his father was the one who raised him, there was no love there. In fact, Theo hadn't gone a day without blaming his father for his mothers death. He wasn't sure how he was involved, but he KNEW, in some way, that he was. Successful and young, Theodore was somewhat foolish with his money, putting himself in a dire financial state two years after leaving Hogwarts. It was then that he had to choose between getting his act together... or asking his father for help. So, he cut his spending, and started to save towards expanding his small shop. After the small slummed period, Theodore came back with a vengeance, and now owns a thriving business with loyal customers and an income to brag about. Of course, he doesn't brag about it. In a world like this, who needed to MAKE enemies anymore? Everyone knew him now, from both sides. Kids from Hogwarts received their wands from his shop, and the older, more intelligent wizards received whatever THEY needed from the back. It was almost so easy it was shameful, and it made Theo question why no one ever though about doing this before.

Theo has heard rumors that Rodolphus has begun to rise to power, and, despite his hatred for his filthy excuse for a father, Theo believes in the ultimate wizarding world, and he supports the underground movement as much as the next former deatheater. I could get into more detail about his childhood, but its easier to play that out and I don't want to bore you with all the little details :) The main point is that he's been lying low every since the main battle, but he's never really let go of his darker roots... and he never has intention on doing so.
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